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Debris is an interactive, collaborative installation which is being created as a response to the problems presented by single use plastic.

The work reflects the literal problem of plastic in marine environments while offering a symbolic representation of the chemical body burdens carried by wildlife and humans alike. In presenting these issues, we are asked to consider misplaced notions of “disposability”, calling in to question consumer driven waste which has devalued what is in fact a very important material.


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SEED Denver is a network of Little Seed Libraries installed across the greater Denver area. Inspired by the Little Free Library system, the intention is to increase access to seeds. By collaborating with existing grower networks, the project will provide a platform for seed exchange within each community while expanding the availability of seeds to the broader network of seed libraries across the urban landscape. The exchange will help reinforce local network ties while initiating a movement to preserve our regional heirloom seeds.




The butterfly represents hope. It symbolizes transformation; in moving from one state to another, a change in perspective or a new lifestyle. In this way, the butterfly may teach awareness of other ways of being. The Monarch butterfly connects Mexico and the United States through one of the most spectacular migrations in the wild. We rely on them as pollinators. Through presenting an interactive installation around the image of the Monarch butterfly, we hope to engage a participants in a dialogue from regions north and south of a border that is evident to us but invisible to the graceful Monarchs. Through this conversation, we aspire to cultivate fertile grounds out of which we may grow solutions to the environmental catastrophes that have been spawned by transnational corporations.

Instigators: Susanne Mitchell & Lee Lee

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